More and more people realize the a being a mortgage loan originator is a great job. It has freedom, flexibility and the opportunity to use what you know to help others and make a great living. All that’s true but what’s the first step? Taking and passing the SAFE MLO Test may not be the very first step  but it’s a big one. To work at a mortgage company and do the job, one must be licensed. The test challenges  your knowledge of mortgage loan origination, general mortgage knowledge, ethics, uniform state laws and Federally-related mortgage laws. So how do you prepare and pass the SAFE MLO Test on the first attempt? First of all choose a great provider. One that’s willing to give you free tips (LOL). Seriously though,  the pass rate is 58% and there are 100 providers so choose well. Next, prepare before the class by reading the course manual before day 1. This will greatly enhance what you get out of the class. Pay special attention to the Federally-related mortgage laws. These are tough topics and you will see more of these Federal questions than any other type.  Next, review the course content after the course and use a nmls exam prep tool to gauge what you know. We developed the first true mobile app for prepping Prep2Pass ™ and it allows you to use flashcards, questions and videos to learn and simulated tests to gauge what you know. There’s also an “ask the instructor” button to send questions to a qualified instructor as you study. Learn and improve your scores, making sure you don’t memorize the questions and get to 95% overall and in each category. We even give you a money back guaranty. Then you can get to work growing your opportnities!

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