Are You A Manager?

As a manager, you juggle multiple projects and goals to their conclusion regardless of the challenges.

With recruiting and onboarding, helping your candidates navigate the pre-licensing course and pass the exam costs both time and money.

It can be tough to squeeze in the training and coaching you’d love to do as your people prepare to pass.

The flash cards in Prep2PassTM can help your people learn the key concepts that they need to know and understand in order to be successful on the test.

They can use Prep2PassTM anywhere, any time, and any place.  Convenience means your people will be more engaged with this important learning tool.

The question pools can give them a quick read and reinforce what they know and identify topics they may not yet fully understand.

Your people also get the ability to complete unlimited simulated tests that are timed and include the “Mark for Review” feature that’s on the actual SAFE MLO TEST.

If your company is a power user, you can also get access to your people’s scores so that you can coach and manage them towards a successful test.

Click here to find out more information on power user administrative access and get company-wide pricing incentives. 

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