Are You New To The Industry?

Have you heard that you have a lot to learn?

If not let me be the first. The good news is that the industry itself is a great industry to work in and serving people by helping them navigate to the best financing options can be rewarding in many ways. It’s truly a way to make a difference in the lives of your clients every day. If you’ve seen the average annual income of a mortgage loan originator you know that this is also be a financially rewarding career. When you use Prep2Pass®, you’ll be able to study anytime, anywhere and learn fast. You will also be seeing and hearing information in the same format that you need to apply it. You’ll be studying exactly what you need to learn and pass. 

All of the content we use is testable content. This means the content in the course textbook, the content on the course slides and in the videos and the flash cards in questions all center around the testable content.

The flash cards can be a great way to learn information quickly. They allow you to hide the cards you already understand to continue making the deck smaller and smaller. The questions work the same way. They allow you to hide them and make the pools smaller and smaller. The questions will also give you full answer feedback.

Each timed, simulated exam gives you 125 questions. After the test, you can also see how you did overall and in each of the topic categories. When you answer each individual question, you can also mark that question for review just like the SAFE MLO test. What happens when ou have a question while you are in the app? Just hit the “!” button in the app in order to ask the instructor. Get an answer within 24 to 48 business hours. Need to hear the topics explained? Or quick ways to learn key terms? Check out the videos.

After you pass, come back to the office or other resources that can help you map out ways to grow your business and technical loan product training that can give you an edge over your competitors.

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