99.7% Success Rate with the Pass Promise. That's Prep2Pass.

That’s not a typo. It’s really 99.7%. Less than 0.3% who scored a 95% or higher on the Prep2Pass Simulated Exam have requested a refund. The rest have passed the SAFE MLO Test after using Prep2Pass.

Prep2Pass™ is the first true mobile app that helps you prepare for the SAFE MLO Test. We are so confident that you will pass the first time, that if you fail the NMLS Test after scoring a 95% on a Prep2Pass Simulated Test, we will give you 100% of your money back. See terms and conditions at the bottom of the page.

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SAFE MLO Test Practice Flashcards

Flashcards are always a great tool to use when it comes to mastering content and preparing for the SAFE MLO Test (NMLS Test). With Prep2Pass flashcards, you can utilize the flashcards to understand the content, and become familiar with mortgage industry terms. Each flashcard is created based on the NMLS Test Content Outline, which is what the SAFE MLO Test is based off.

SAFE MLO Test Practice Questions

The SAFE MLO Test covers a broad list of topics, including numerous Federal regulations that apply to the mortgage industry. In the past 10 years following the Great Recession, the amount of regulations has grown significantly with new rules, rule changes and the establishment of a new regulatory agency, the CFPB. As you study what you need to learn by participating in the 20 hour course, reviewing the course textbook, and using all the tools and resources, you will realize that you have covered a ton of information. After being exposed to all that info, you often don’t recognize what you have fully learned and what you still can benefit from learning. That’s how the question pools in Prep2Pass can help you identify what you’ve already learned and which topics to still focus on. Use Prep2Pass and get completely prepared quickly.

Unlimited Exams That Simulate the NMLS Test

Once you’ve used the cards and the question pools, the simulated tests give you 125 questions with the same time allowed as the SAFE MLO Test. You also have the “Mark for Review” feature that is also on the SAFE MLO Test. You will see the same topics and percentages of questions from each topic area as the SAFE MLO Test. Each time you take a simulated test, the questions are randomly pulled from a pool and you can take as many tests as you want (See? No limits!). Under the dashboard you can see the results from each test that you have taken, both the total percent correct and the percent of each category correct.

SAFE MLO Test Prep Videos

Prep2Pass has an extensive library of over 15+ hours of video, which is perfect for you to reference at any time. If you’re stuck on anything, these videos are a great tool for you to better understand mortgage industry concepts.

All The Flashcards, Questions & Simulated Tests are 100% Focused on the NMLS Test Content Outline

There are so many test prep tools out there that have thousands of useless practice questions, and in no way prepare you for the SAFE MLO Test. You can be rest assured that we focus on quality, no quantity. We focus on putting only the content on the NMLS Test Content Outline on flashcards and questions. This ensures that you are not wasting any time studying for the SAFE MLO Test. 

Premium Over-The-Phone Customer Support

Our support team is available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Eastern Time over the phone and via email! Our team of customer support experts will help you resolve any issues you run into. From walking you through the purchase process to helping with technical support, we are here for you.

The Pass Promise: Money-Back Guarantee

We’ve seen so many success stories from Prep2Pass, and continue to see so many people pass the SAFE MLO Test with Prep2Pass. We’re so confident that you will pass with Prep2Pass, that if you score a 95% or higher on a Simulated Test and do not pass your SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test, we will refund you 100% of your money. This Pass Promise has had a 99.7% success rate, with less than 0.3% of people who used Prep2Pass have requested a refund.

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The Pass Promise Terms & Conditions: In order to qualify for a refund, you must send a copy of your SAFE MLO Exam failure notice and must score at least a 95% on one of your simulated exams.
Less than 0.3% have requested a refund from the release of Prep2Pass (in 2019) through April 1, 2022. The actual pass rate after scoring a 95% in the app’s simulated exam is 99.7348484848485%, but we like to keep things simple and not overcomplicate it.
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