Why Do So Many People Fail the NMLS / SAFE MLO Test?

The SAFE MLO Test is very challenging, and many people don’t know if they are ready to take it or not. Guessing can be painful here as 42% of the average of 47,000 test takers will tell you. Take a 20-hour course, study and prep and its close to heads or tails. From our 8+ years of training folks to pass the SAFE MLO Test on the first attempt, what can you do? Prep before the class. Read the entire course text. Realize that it takes more than just the course to pass. Find a good tool to tell you where you are strong and where you are weak so you can shore up the weaknesses. Prep2Pass™ does just that. Missing questions while you are preparing is a good thing. It can tell you more about what you need to focus on and better understand. Use the flashcards to learn key concepts. Hide the card when you know it. Use the pools of questions the same way. Once you are ready for a challenge, take a simulated exam. It times you and teaches how to use “mark for review”. Both will come in handy on the SAFE MLO Test. When you miss a question, go to the course text and review that and any related topics. Ask questions of an instructor while you prep. Get to 95% and you are set. We back that up with a money back guarantee. Oh, and if you want to pass a mortgage test, look for a company that doesn’t try and offer 10 different prep tools for 10 (or more) different fields. Think about that… The SAFE MLO Test is updated three times a year. Who could keep up on mortgage, real estate, law, etc. Truth is no one can do all of those well. Pick a mortgage only company for the best results 😉


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